Woman’s Day

Three New Ways to Make Money from Home
“Seizing on the idea that a lot of people want to live greener, this brand offers a line of eco-friendly products that includes all-natural beauty products and organic household cleaners.”


New York Times

That’s Not My Lunch, It’s My Body Lotion
“Kimberly Cornwell is the founder and chief executive of Celadon Road in North Attleboro, Mass., a kind of Avon for eco-friendly products that are sold only by Celadon representatives.”



Celadon Road Receives 2014 Rising Star Award from Direct Selling Association
“We are honored to receive this prestigious Rising Star award from the direct selling industry and to be included among this elite group of winners for building ethical businesses with excellent growth potential," said Kimberly Cornwell, Celadon Road founder and CEO.”


Green Cleaning Magazine

Green Products: Eco Home Parties with Celadon Road
“Our cleaning products are manufactured exclusively in the US, contain safe, non-toxic ingredients and really work! Our customers and consultants alike love that our products work better than most conventional cleaners.”



Top 12 Christmas Gifts for Men
“If the man in your life likes to receive toiletries for Christmas, up the ante with some organic, sustainably-sourced toiletry items from Celadon Road. Not only do these products smell great, but they are all produced in a socially-responsible way.”


Savor The Success

The Savor Top 25 Holiday Gift Directory 2014
“Commercial perfumes expose you to over 600 dangerous industrial chemicals. Give a gift of gorgeous, natural, and health-conscious fragrance to someone you care about! Celadon Road perfumes are designed with an expertly layered complexity and are crafted with essential oils and organic ingredients.”


Bamboo Magazine

Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Clove Sugar Scrub from Celadon Road
“This sugar scrub is a wonderful complement to the perfect autumn day; it will tantalize your senses with pure, organic ingredients and essential oils of sweet orange, cinnamon and clove. This is the most scrumptious body scrub your skin will ever meet!”


FOX Small Business

Focus on Greener Living Leads to Celadon Road
“‘By the end of that day, I realized I needed to do something where I was giving people jobs instead of taking them away’ Cornwell said. She soon was inspired at a friend’s “shop-at-home” party, and by 2008 found herself opening up Celadon Road selling all green and organic products. Today, Cornwell works as an attorney by day to supplement the burgeoning business.”



Millionaires in Your Neighborhood
“My best customers are women, especially mothers, as they care about the environment and want to avoid their families’ exposure to toxins in skin care and cleaning products”


Bamboo Magazine

Macintosh Apple Candle from Celadon Road
 “Celadon Road’s candles are made from soy and beeswax and their wicks do not contain lead or petroleum-based oils. Just like their awesome sugar scrub, this candle lingers with a yummy, natural scent, and filled our home and hearts with cozy autumn goodness!”


Wicked Local Mansfield

North Attleboro Company Named ‘Rising Star’
“Celadon Road was recognized for its sound business strategy, growth, and commitment to ethics, as well as charitable, humanitarian and environmental initiatives.”