Our Mission

Celadon Road is dedicated to promoting greener, healthier and more socially responsible living by offering our customers the highest-quality organic, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs. In following our mission, we inspire individuals to discover and explore their shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. We strongly believe if we all make small changes toward a greener lifestyle, collectively we can have a profound impact on our world.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to being greener, healthier and more socially responsible is also reflected in every product in our catalog. We place the utmost importance on using only premium, top-notch organic ingredients, so you when you shop with Celadon Road, you can feel confident that the products you purchase adhere to our standards…and yours.

Our products do not contain:

Synthetic fragrances
GMO ingredients
Mineral oils
Propylene glycol

Of course, our products are never tested on animals; and any plastics used in our packaging are BPA free.

Celadon Road is passionately driven by our mission – and every decision we make represents just that. From the items in our product line to the ink used to print our catalogs, the choices we make as a company support our efforts to be a profitable and responsible company. Here’s what that means:

For Our Consumers

  • We provide a vast array of the highest quality organic, eco-friendly products. Our products are safe, non-toxic and just plain awesome.
  • Through basic product information, we educate individuals on how they can help better their family’s personal care and home cleaning routines and in turn, make the world a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place to live.

For Our Consultants

  • We empower individuals to succeed in a business that truly reflects their values and adheres to strict ethical business practices and guidelines.
  • We provide a socially responsible environment in which people can achieve their dreams, while continuing to grow and learn.
  • We offer opportunities for individuals to utilize their talents and skills, while compensating them fairly and providing appropriate recognition.

Eco-Friendly Practices and Products

  • Celadon Road is proud to be part of the initiative to do business in the most environmentally sound manner. We’re pleased to share the ways we put the environment and our global community first.
  • Our catalogs are printed on recycled FSC certified paper with soy-based inks in a wind-powered facility.
  • Our product packaging is recyclable and often reusable.
  • We analyze our carbon footprint and strive to continually improve our packaging, shipment and delivery methods.