Ten Great Reasons to Host a Celadon Road Party

  1. Make a difference in our environment by helping promote greener, healthier, more responsible living.

  2. Receive our great HOSTESS CREDITS!

  3. Earn up to five Celadon Road products at 50% off, depending on your party’s total sales.

  4. Earn additional discounts – up to 30% off – on even more products!

  5. Receive an additional item at 50% off for every party booked by one of your guests (yes, it’s catching).

  6. Try out our products in your own home, before buying them for yourself. Clean your counter, your stove, your windows, or your bathroom (so much more pleasant with our all-natural cleaning products). Soften your hands or face with our moisturizing cream, or try our facial mud mask…mmmmm, silky-clean skin.

  7. When you host a party, Celadon Road will donate a brand-new pair of shoes to Soles4Souls. It’s a non-profit organization that facilitates the donation of shoes and clothing to people in need in more than 70 countries.

  8. We’re not done yet! For each party hosted, Celadon Road will donate one tree to Trees for the Future to be planted in honor of the hostess’ and consultant’s commitment to further their greener, healthier lifestyle. Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization that plants trees in the United States and developing countries around the world.

  9. Oh yeah – it’s an evening (or lunch, or brunch) of fun and relaxation with family and friends. You can work with your consultant for a theme of your party. A Spa Party? Morning Mimosas? Green Girls Night Out? Hard to resist, huh?

  10. Best of all, there’s no better way for you to discover your shade of green than by hosting a party – and you’ll be making a difference as you help others discover theirs, too.