Earn Income

Notice that we said “earn.” Yes, you’ll have to work at it, but whether you want a part-time paycheck or a full-time income, you can achieve your goals in a variety of ways:


New consultants earn a 20% profit on every retail sale. The average Celadon Road party yields more than $500 in retail sales – that’s $100 in your pocket. Not bad, huh?

Bonus Income

When someone joins Celadon Road as your personal recruit, you begin to build your team. Our compensation plan offers you generous commissions on your team’s sales. Plus, as a Celadon Road Leader, you’ll earn additional bonuses on your total team sales.

Extra Incentives

Celadon Road often runs incentive programs for motivated consultants based on their retail sales or team building. Whether the opportunity offers complimentary products, business supplies or the chance to attend the National Conference for free, consultants regularly receive the chance to earn more than just a paycheck!