Many of us have been in a position where we stand at a crossroad – someplace in our lives where we need to or want to make a change in our lives. Celadon Road has become that road that has inspired and positively affected a multitude of people…Our Celadon Road consultants across the country are changing their lives – and the world around them – for the better. Check out their inspiring stories! What an incredible feeling it is to change lives for the better! Think this road, this opportunity might be right for you, too? Ask your consultant for info on joining the team. And if you don’t have a consultant yet, we’ll help you find one.

“I love what I do!” Before joining Celadon Road, I had no idea that I could earn a great income AND have the flexibility to spend time with my family. In addition, I exude the confidence of a strong business woman. The products are so fabulous they sell themselves. I am so grateful every day that I heard about the opportunity with Celadon Road and decided to take control of my future!”

“Celadon Road has provided me the opportunity to earn extra income for vacations and save for my children’s education – without sacrificing one of their baseball games or dance recitals.”

“As a cancer survivor, I knew it was vital to create a healthier lifestyle for myself.  This included eating organic foods and using organic products. I also felt a strong desire to make a difference by teaching others the importance of creating a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner earth.  Celadon Road has hundreds of organic products for me to use, whether it is for my personal care or cleaning my house.  I love the products from Celadon Road.  It is comforting to know that they are good for me and do not have any harmful chemicals or by-products.”

“I am in charge of my schedule.  It is so freeing to know my calendar isn’t under the control of someone else.”

“I joined Celadon Road to help contribute to my family's income and have the flexibility to stay home with my son and work at the same time. I began looking into Direct Sales and fell in love with all that Celadon Road stands for and does to live our mission of being greener, healthier, and more socially responsible. I also joined to get out of the house occasionally and have fun with new friends."

“I joined Celadon Road because I was immediately attracted to the cleaning products but also by the uniqueness of the company itself. When all of my friends jumped on board to host a party of their own, I knew this was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on.”

“When I started I just wanted to make money. Now the money is just a bonus for me! I want everyone to be educated on organic and natural living. I have learned so much and I want to share with everyone! In this short time I have gained so many friendships and met so many different people who teach me things about being greener. I want to continue to spread the word and make Celadon Road a household name. CR has helped my family so much that I want to keep returning the favor. I'm making a difference!”

“What I love the most about being a Celadon Road consultant is the fact that I am learning so much about the importance of living a greener lifestyle through our training and our products! I am very "excited" about the fact that I am part of a ground floor company, which means that the potential for growth is enormous! My fellow consultants are willing to help each other without any hesitation whatsoever and I "love" that!”

“Being a consultant means I can share my passion for living a more natural, organic and eco-friendly life style with more people. I'm a believer in when you know better you do better, so being a Celadon Road consultant will allow me to help others know better so they can do better! Plus it has helped me learn more about safe, natural products and the benefits of using them in all areas of my life.”

“I love being a CR consultant because I can share my passion for the earth and envi- ronment in an informative way without being pushy or off-putting. I have learned to branch out of my normal friends circle and get out of town, as it were. Also, I love being able to use the CR products around my pets without worrying about exposing them to harmful chemicals, and that the Vet Clinic I work for also uses them, that is a HUGE endorsement.”

“Being a Celadon Road consultant means having some control over how much money I contribute to my household budget. I love most that I am so proud of the products I sell and that my customers keep coming back - and love them as much as I do! The biggest benefit I've gained from being a Celadon Road consultant is expanding my circle of contacts and influence in and beyond my community.”